Project Support

Insecurity of funding and tight budgets often mean that projects and public sector departments employ the minimum staff required to deliver the core work.  This can lead to problems if either a staff member is off work for any reason, or if there is a sudden additional workload.

INSO can help in many of these situations. In the modern jargon we are 'process facilitators', ie. we find the best way to keep the plates spinning and help you achieve that!

For example, temporary freelance cover can be provided to fill staffing gaps in management, administrative and training roles. You will get the work done without the hassle of employment red tape and can cancel the contract whenever you want.

We also undertake funding and tendering application support, events delivery and reporting, market research, and project review reports, and  can give advisory support to Boards and Management Committees

Please contact or phone 07738 403 302 to discuss your requirements.

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